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I’m a geographer by training, currently working as a developer and senior research officer in a laboratory of prehistoric archaeology of the Mediterranean (LAMPEA) in Aix-en-Provence, France. Current interests are open science, data papers and the Semantic Web.

My long term focus circle around Open Source, everything spatial, and finding creative hacks to address contemporary challenges. I’ve been working previously as an independent mapmaker and geographer, and as a research officer at LPED Laboratory, building a research network around Mediterranean cities and climate change.

I’m also a member of the live art collective La Folie Kilomètre and I enjoy tweaking knobs & pushing buttons. Finally, when the weather allows it, I go out and sail. Or fix the electricity. Or refit the boat. Or…


Not looking for a job at the moment, but you can say hi at

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Jérémy Garniaux
Capitainerie du Frioul
13007 Marseille.

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